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But as ever, as one set of restaurant doors closes, another load open. Here are the new restaurants and bars to tick off your foodie hit list this month in and around Manchester. Beastro, Manchester city centre Oxtail risotto at Beastro Spinningfields favourite pork-slingers Bangers and Bacon have gone the whole hog with the opening of Beastro. The trio - Richard Brown and James and Heather Taylor - are upscaling their operation at The Kitchens, have beefed up their Leftbank canteen into a permanent restaurant after winning a competition launched by developer Allied London. Diners can look forward to a breakfast and brunch menu featuring hand-made sausages and bacon from the Taylors' sideline, Bobby's Bangers, plus a more refined selection of dinner dishes such as short rib bon-bon with charred sweetcorn and burnt tomato, and lamb loin with Bury black pudding, minted pea, carrot, roast potato and pancetta. Read More Enzo, Manchester city centre A breakfast pizza at Enzo Already established in Nantwich, Cheshire, Italian cafe bar Enzo opens a second site on Manchester's Fountain Street on Monday April 10. Diners can look forward to a range of pizzas including four types of breakfast pizza, along with freshly-made pasta dishes, specially-blended coffee and homemade cakes. Read More Look inside new Manchester city centre pizzeria Enzo Roost, Heaton Moor Damson may be no more but owners Steve Pilling and Simon Stanley are already hatching plans for its replacement - rotisserie chicken restaurant Roost. The site is undergoing a revamp ready to open in early April, with a new casual dining offering including chicken, wood-fired pizza and craft beer. Read More The Botanist, Didsbury The Botanist in Didsbury (Photo: Manchester Evening News) Popular bar group The Botanist opened its Didsbury outpost on Monday April 3, sprucing up old Wetherspoons pub the Milson Rhodes with its familiar English country garden style. The theme runs on into the cocktail list, with botanical-based creations and an 11-strong gin list.

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